Welcome to my new blog. My new site!


Welcome to my new blog. My new site!
Welcome to my new blog. My new site! The idea is that it becomes Your new site. Lots of new bits and most of the old too. Let me know what you think of it, there's places for you all to get more involved.
Actually its been a while since i saw the blonde grasscutter boy but there's something curious about him which i'm making it my goal to document. Can i capture the way he mows, fag in mouth, the world and its foliage seemingly growing at his behest? Who knows? It's a big deal, i know. For the moment i'd need to relocate him to an adequate lawn opposite the recording studio instead, which would mean more hassle than i'm prepared to commit to right now. I'd probably need to Challenge Anika. And i get the feeling that he likes his lawn where it is. But there should be a song in the future..
So……..new deal, new site, new features, new hairdoo. Check out the 'Stalker' single preview clip, or the podcasts of my Grandfather reading his published poetry from a bank tower in Tobermory. Also, for the first time, i've committed some of my writing to virtual print. This is a bold step for me – who knows what will develop. That section is The World Is Round, But Don't Tell The Pigeons. Not entirely sure why its called that, but if feels right. It's a banner under which i can file my observations & neurosis and lack of. That's if 3 album so far, and one soon to come, weren't enough already. My first writing entry is called: 'Subterrania'.
My Studio diary's latest entry is also uploaded. There will be more previews of the new tracks to come. And also an Acoustic Videocast sampler of some of the new tracks.
Other bits….caught Arcade Fire recently at Brixton, euphoric gig, but not loving the album as much as i'd like…saw Clap Your Hands… recently, and enjoyed. Love the track 'Is This Home On Ice', haven't heard the new album. But i wont try to pretend that i actually listen much to music right now.
My book selections are on the continued Book Of The Month section, i'm addicted to talk radio, playing football in sunny London each Sunday, and Celtic won the league, and my album is nearly ready.
So, here goes…time i put an album out. Although, by the time you hear it i'll be pretty chuffed with having got 4 albums out there in the world in 6 years. When i was trying to learn the different effects that public toilets have on the community if provided by the private sector or the public sector at Uni, or when i was trying to do the right thing by BT while skiving off to play gigs, that kind of recording output never seemed possible. There you go.
Looking forwards to this year & seeing some of you on the May gigs & beyond.
I'd like to say big big thanks to website designer/builder/chief-duster extraordinaire, Mark Fraser, and artwork designer Jo Burton.