NYC blog & relocation...dont take your love away from me


Hi All
I've just spent a week in New York and made a short film to introduce my new album 'City Awakenings' to you as I trundled around the city snow – bloody cold! In the film I explain how the PledgeMusic campaign works, which has already began for the album, and  there are 5 of the new tracks in my original demo form on there. I also taken a tour around some of the city's famous music / writer's hangouts (and more importantly, the cake shops).
The video is only available for those who pledge on the album – so go and have a look around, and I'll only be blogging there for the next spell on the album progress – come have a look around.
I also had several unexpected encounters along the way in NYC. It was quite an inspiring & productive spell as I had no instruments with me and sometimes that helps 
me organise and free the songs in my head more (the perils of the untrained musician…). And so now the album is ready to record. 
I'm playing some intimate acoustic shows in February to preview the new tracks and most likely strum loads of others off my albums – listed below. 
NYC Vblog – Places featured:
Tea & Sympathy – Best cake in the city!
The Penguin Store, Soho – special moment for me – as I was filming (and buying a hat) one of my songs came over the speakers at that moment, no kidding! (clue is in the title) When the hat fits…
Electric Lady Studios – Jimi Hendrix's famous studio
Bob Dylan's first address in Greenwich Village, CBGB's as was, 
The Living Room venue where I played last year
The Cakeshop next door – more cake
The Empire State Building, on a string…
Spotted (but not in the video): Gabriel Byrne & Mike Myers (the actor, not the ex-Liverpool player…)
Martin Scorsese's job is safe but I hope to see you over there and that you enjoy it!

25th FEB – GLASGOW, BREL Ashton Lane  - http://