New album on a napkin... New song on PledgeMusic now!


Hi All

New Album update: New song – 'Must You Make Eyes At Me Now' – recorded live at Belladrum Festival 2010. 

To download it now, and to order the new album and other goodies on PledgeMusic check out:

It's only available on there for Pledger's ears only, this is a likely single off the new album. It was recorded live at this year’s Belladrum Festival (2010) in Scotland. My only precursor before you download it is to bare in mind that it sounds a bit rough ‘n ready! as it was the band’s first ever play of it. We’ll nail it in the studio recording for sure.

I’ve just scribbled the album tracklisting (as it stands) on a serviette on a flight, so that is progress. It always feels good when you first see all the song titles in one place, even if it is a napkin…

Let me know what you think of this track. And if enough of you want it then I’ll upload my home demo version soon too.

I’m excited to be producing the new album with Dom Morley. Dom mixed my album ‘The Water’. You can check out Dom’s good work to date here:

Spread the word.
Happy Xmas!