Final 12 Bar residency date / Release Dates!


Hi all,

Last chance to catch my London 12 Bar Club residency dates is this Tues 28th. The setlist from last week is listed below.
If you haven't yet been then come down! If you've been already then come down! This week will be a bit different…..I'll come with my list of songs from the new album but it's up to you to decide the rest of the setlist. On the door of the 12 Bar                  you can fill in your choice of song and why….or just shout it out!
 I'll also have some accompaniment on stage this week. 
Release dates for your diary……
The release date for first single 'Cape Wrath' is Monday 22nd June.
The new album 'Island' will follow on Monday 6th July. 
Just a thought to get you started: if half the people on here bought them then you'd put me back in the top 40. So go on…!
News of how to get a free 4 song E.P. from the album sessions is to come, along with exclusive streaming posts.
Catch me live this Saturday afternoon on the Dermot O'Leary Show (2nd May) on BBC Radio 2, from 3pm.
I'll be performing the new single and my final choice of cover version… as chosen by one of you! Tune in or stream the show. 

              p.s. actually maybe I'll try out the cover version this Tues too..

  1. Camelot Revisited
  2. The Edge Of Nearly
  3. The Supermarket Strikes Back
  4. Beathe
  5. The Long Road To Me
  6. Be My Saviour
  7. Stay Something
  8. The Final Arrears
  9. Samuel Dempster R.I.P.
10. Cape Wrath
11. Faith No. 2
12. Famous For Being Famous
13. You're A Star

14. No Ordinary Queen

15. The Water

16. Animal Cannabus