Fopp & Rough Trade East: In-store gigs this week


Getting myself together for later today (Thurs 16th) for Fopp in Glasgow, Union St. Be performing at 5pm. Just realised that the three people pn the front of the Rice Crispies box are Snap Crackle and Pop, sounds recreated as little people with hats. That should have been obvious a long time ago…

It was just going to be me today at Fopp, but now Sorren, Gordon, Ross, Fiona, coming along for the in-store – should be a laugh. Maybe Snap & Crackle will turn up. Had long day yesterday from London to BBC in Inverness & then Glasgow, for sessions. You can stream here . And perfromed a BBC 2 TV songwriters peice that I recorded going out in Sept. (played The Edge Of Nearly & All Part Of The Letting Go)

My Dad started at the BBC in Inverness. There's a tribute to my Dad on the BBC website on the link below, he used to send his radio demo clips to BBC Inverness in a bread van from Mull. . Just noticed the last word is 'Loss'.

I've got lots of memories of being a kid going there on holidays and staring at guitars in the music shop, stopped by there for some strings on the way to the BBC and it felt weird! But good. Lots of friendly faces at the BBC and a staircase I remembered from being small in older part of the building.

Good to be playing the new songs, which work on acoustic more than anything I've so far. Sleepness nights with new songs in my head – big grand things with bells and whistles. Back to London later for in-store gig at Rough Trade East on Friday, 1pm. Probably just me and Pop making a noise on Brick Lane.

Good to have 'Island' on its journey. A piece of home.

Time for more Rice Crsipies.