Back from New York. UK 'Island Tour' starts this week


Hi All

Some random shots below from my trip to NY. The Chelsea Hotel has housed some famous names – Arthur Millar, Sid + Nancy, the guy who wrote Netherland (and the character in that book). Bleecker / MacDougal Street: if anyone has read Bob Dylan's 'Chronicles' book then you'll know that's where he started in the early 1960's. A lot of it seems as if it might not have changed since, but then I'm from Mull and what the hell do I know! I went into the Cafe Wha? which remains now as then. I meant to try and find the apartment he would have lived in. The book by his girlfriend at the time – she's on the cover of The Freewheelin' album – also is a great document of this area and these times. I caught the second half of the Ireland-Italy game in the Irish Bar instead. Lot's of animated Irish and Italians around me. Big screen, bottle of Corona (not a known Scottish brewer) and two goals in the last 3 minutes. Then it was home. Really enjoyed playing back in New York and plan to be back there in the Spring. 

So it's up to Scotland tmrw to rehearse for the tour below. Looking forward to getting out, playing lots off the Island album and also some from Loss, Us, Hope, The Water. 'This Is Not Who We Were' is my favourite at the moment, never played that song enough. It's a different sort of show for me, but with great musicians and should be a unique tour.

Hitting quite a few cities I've not been to for a while: Sheffield, Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton etc. Really hope to see some of you out there. Cheers! Colin

Here's a review of New York's Living Room show:

Island UK TOUR poster2