Tribute to Steve Cheyne -- Berkeley 2 Studios, Glasgow


I am so sad to hear Steve Cheyne has passed. When I arrived to Glasgow from Mull 30 years ago and walked through his Berkeley 2 studio doors Steve was the first person who I felt believed in me on the scene. That meant so much to me. I quickly learned he was a go-to for everyone. I had nothing but respect for him and had him on a pedestal tbh. In the years that followed he was always so supportive and the laughs, his sound advice, friendship, encouragement and warm tones at the end of the phone, will stay with me. I, like so many on here, will know the Berkley phone line off-by-heart all our days and hear that voice. He was a mainstay in my musical life, as he clearly was to so many, and to see Steve at your gig was a form of honour; to walk into Berkeley and see him wearing an MHS dog-in-wig t-shirt was as much a sign that your music had connected in some way as anything else. I had a 15-foot version of the dug (as he called it) made and Steve kindly provided space to store it, calling it “Berkeley Kennels” for a spell. I made the ‘Loss’ & ‘Us’ albums in the adjoining Gravity Studios with Steve’s great mate, Brian MacNeil, once again with Steve’s recommendation, encouragement and support.

So many stories shared and laughs. But most of all — as so many have expressed — Steve was kind and thoughtful, loyal, warm, and went the extra mile in terms of supporting new bands/artists, but also in providing that same service to EVERYONE, taking great pride in the levels of care and upkeep he provided for us all. A true professional, he lives on in the music he helped us all shape. RIP Steve, and thank you for the belief and everything else my friend. Thinking of all of you at the Berkeley 2 family, and huge condolences to Steve’s family. Colin X