My post-Malawi trip Mary's Meals interview & New Album


Hi All

Thought some of you might like to see this – I have some film footage of the amazing singing and dancing from the children at the schools that we visited while there, which I'll upload soon.

Mary's Meals are the designated charity for my new album's PledgeMusic Campaign 

I think of all the things on offer there, which include the new album, I'm most pleased about my career-to-date hardback lyrics book – all my MHS/CM album tracks, singles and b-sides, bonus downloads – the lot. It'll be nice to have them all in one place – life flashing before my eyes and all that. 

Happy New Year! I'm looking forwards to seeing you on the road in 2011. New songs are forming and sticking their arms in the air for attention in the head, soon to record. I've even since had my hair cut for it.



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