Malawi Blog No.5 - hometime


Back in Glasgow on Thurs we have a press launch for the gig where a container of Scottish aid will leave for Malawi, for this warehouse, so it was great to see where it all ends up. The aid warehouse is the base for the backpack project – MM have sent 30,000 backpacks overseas this year. They are filled with school materials donated by supporters, and mostly go to pupils at our projects in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda. 

This has been an amazing chance to see the work of Mary's Meals. And meet some children and share music with them. We have a film of 1 hr or so from the St Augustines school from last Friday's memorable visit. 

Hope to see some of you at the Mary's Meals Music gig this Friday (29th). The charity will show some of the footage there on big screen. 

My final blog is still to come. It will have more pictures of the children and the work being done here by MM. We've just landed at Addis Abiba airport. From the air the lights of the city looked like millions of eyeballs staring up from below. There cant be a more pleasing place name to say, and harder to spell…






MMM flyer small