Malawi Blog No.1 - the off


Hi all,

in advance of the below gig, I'm off today to visit Mary's Meals schools projects in Malawi. I'm just about checked-in and waiting for my flight, via Ethiopia. 

I'll also be playing at a local concert on Sat 23rd Oct in Blantyre, Malawi: we'll have images and film feeding back to here along the way from the visit. We also hope to play to the children in the schools. 

No idea what to expect as I've never been to Africa but it's very exciting to be nearly off. If anyone has any tips for me then fire away! I've got my pile of new songs on the iPod and the Lonely Planet Malawi book, and the Mary's Meals literature to read – amazing pics on there of the children they feed. The way it works is that the children come to schools to be feed daily with a Mary's meal; this being a meal (and an education) they would otherwise not get.

I've heard that they sometimes strap pigs to their backs over there, in that there are similarities with Mull. Maybe that's where they will end… 

More to come when we get there,


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