The launched today


and now it feels real

like sliding off a cliff

and this past week i achieved a dream come true….more to come on that in my next posting, and some photos of a great day at Westminster, which felt like floating on air.

hopefully see some of you this week across the Beanscene acoustic in-stores.
Very intimate. Talking of which, go here to enter a competition to have me perform in your house:

(put the kettle on!)

More news of all the press and radio promo i’m doing/have done, is on the site…….sometimes
talking about it and playing it helps me understand it

If you were at Glasgow Oran Mor, thanks for making it a special night.

But tonight, on this night, I’ll just leave you with this…

Poem written by Tony Benn: ‘Pay Attention To The Human’ from The Water

“We the people” they all say
But do they treat us thus?
Or are we units in a game they play
Men, Women, Black and White
Rich, Poor, Young, Old, Straight or Gay
Defined and safely filed away
For Pollsters, Salesmen and MPs
To be bought or bribed to make them rich
Or Enemies who must be killed
People are made of flesh and blood
with hearts and minds and hopes
and fears, and all just want a Life
Which we must nurture to survive.
We have the power to end the world
We have the power to save the world
The Choice is ours: It is a Moral Choice
To work together in both Peace and Love
We must break Free and be ourselves
There lies the hope for all the human race.

Poem By Tony Benn
Copyright.Tony Benn