It's A Wonderful Life


Dear All

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a great ’08.
And I look forward to seeing some of you out there.

I’m in America for the ‘holidays’ and have just walked down a familiar stretch of highway which has spawned a few of my songs over the past few years (The Final Arrears / How Bout I Love You More / Future Gods And Past Kings all spring to mind).
It must be something to do with the long straight highway and the lighthouse on the horizon. Or very possibly not. Maybe it’s just that i cycle and listen to more music here.

Maybe I’ll finally make it on stage at the local bar, where the house band play Led Zep and Stones covers and look like ZZ Top. I’ll upload some pics in my section if such a thing happens.

I stopped at a little music store today and hired a guitar for my trip (from a guy who looked like ZZ Top) – i feel after the recent gigs that i need one at all times.

See you in 2008. At the start of it you’ll have my new album, and therefore a little bit of this highway with it.

Maybe i’ll work on that beard……….and then watch that film.