Home again...


Hi All

I’ve been back home on Mull recording what will follow The Water. Having over 3 years between
This Is Hope and The Water i dont want that to happen again, so its been good to work at what’s
next so soon and at the same time as this campaign. 

The next single from The Water will be ‘Famous For Being Famous’ and i’ll be doing more touring in the Autumn. It was great in May to get around the UK and I cant wait to get out again. So that’s for now….this new recording is another thing for the future. But I’m loving it. It has a sense of community about it and less instrumentation. More acoustic, more low growling. I’ve never felt more laid bare as a songwriter and i think that was the point.

Some of you might remember in Oct last year i posted notes on the first session. This is the 2nd session. The pic below is the studio I’m using, which is in the fabulous An Tobar arts centre and is also the first classroom for me when i was 5 years old. It’s got a good feel and makes me think of Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY, where i recorded This Is Hope (without the flying turtles). You always want what you’re doing to be the best and that’s no different here, even though it feels odd at times to be recording back home, but good odd. Great odd. I remember that these wood panels seemed as high as the sky. 

The other picture is taken from my phone from the top of The Mast (i wont attempt the Gaelic name for it)
and you are looking out at the outer Hebrides, Isle of Skye etc. It was a beautiful night with the sun setting over lumpy Mull. Actually, the cottage at the bottom of the hill that i’m on is where the ‘I Tried’ video was shot, sheep battles and all. The strip of mainland in the pic is the tip of Arnamurchan point, the most westerly part of the British mainland (fact). The night before i was in Hyde Park so the contrast was even more. I’m not sure if that is Nessie lost in the Atlantic and poking her head up…..she doesn’t make it to London often.

I’ll need to post my pic of The Mast itself, i’ve always loved its other-wordly look. Like something George Orwell would have planted a society inside. Actually, that’s a thought…I also took pics for it for the back cover of the ‘I Tried’ single one morning on a disposable camera i remember. That was after the snooker player Alex Hurricane Higgins wouldn’t let me use his 1982 world championship winning photo – but that’s another story. 

More to come of this new recording soon…..and the more current continuation of ‘The Water’.

An Tobar session 2
Mull looking North