I went to see the new film ‘Control’ by Anton Corbijn on the life of Ian Curtis of Joy Division
the other night. I thought it was great. I’d recommend it. It reminded me of the film ‘Pollock’ about Jackson
Pollock starring Ed Harris that was out a couple of years ago. They both really capture the
essense of creativity in my view, and the destruction that can come with it.

The music in ‘Control’ was more effective because it was played live by the actors. The excitement
of the performance and of being there then was there as a result. I can’t claim to be a big fan but (i think i bought their ‘Live At Preston’ album a few years ago but didn’t really listen to it) but I left the cinema with that feeling that the best art gives you (me) which is to create myself. You then struggle home with a new song in your head (or in my case you call your house from a phone box to sing the melody down the line in case you forget it) and then go home and try to make it seem relevant to a musical instrument. You wake up the next day hoping it doesn’t sound too much like Joy Division.

I met the members of New Order at the Ivor Novello awards, and had a tea and cake with their manager, who was nice to me, and not really knowing much about them or Joy Division at the time I feel now after seeing the film that i’d want to ask them loads of questions about Ian Curtis and the time. But they probably
wouldn’t have wanted that anyway and instead i remember Bernard Sumner saying that he had sailed around Mull, and then I led Peter Hook by mistake into the ladies toilets at the Dorchester Hotel (an accident). The place was like a maze.

Anyway, it is an excellent film i think. Seems to capture the times and because the key people are involved you know it is authentic to the story and the places. The b/w filming helped too with that.

In the morning, my new song seems worth working with…..no pressure to record anything for a while anyway.