An Amazing 2015; New Mull album: 08/04/16


Hello Society!

It’s that time of the year again: here’s a bit of Mull’ed (er, sorry) especially for you: MHS ‘Christmas Is Here Again’ It’s been a great end to the year and I bring the good tidings that my new MHS album has just been finished at Abbey Road Studios. It really feels like my best yet: coming out April 8th 2016 on Xtra Mile Recordings  / BMG (my birthday no less…) More news to follow early in the new year on the release, including  the title/artwork and MHS Tour plans. Can’t wait to get it out there: 10 tracks, 36 minutes – boom boom.

Big thanks to all those for listening and getting out to April’s Best-Of MHS Album shows this year to celebrate the first 15 years (2000-2015). They felt really special from the stage! And it has gone on to be an amazing year, which has included a new music publishing deal for me with BMG/XMM, incorporating all my back catalogue, new Mull albums and also a new music project I’m excited about (more to come on that in 2016…). And also, cheers to those of you who are getting into my debut (ahem…) Edinburgh International Book Festival ‘First Book Award’-winning novel, ‘The Letters of Ivor Punch‘, which hit the shelves this year across the UK & Commonwealth, published by W&N Books. The paperback comes out in Spring 2016 too.

All the news, including how to get your hands on any of the above, is here on the site.  

Here’s to more adventures in new music & words in 2016. 



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IMG_9696-4  cropped-1280x426_1.jpg Colin recording Colin Charlie Hugo BMG XM signing


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